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Samyang Biopharmaceutical Corp. ‘s Genexol ® Print
Affiliates Samyang Biopharm Writer administrator Hits 1009 Date 2018.03.14

Samyang Biopharmaceutical Corp. ‘s Genexol ® 

Ranks #1 in Paclitaxel injection market in South Korea



According to a new report provided by AQViA on the 14th, Genexol ®, Samyang Biopharmaceutical Corp.’s oncological product, ranks #1 on Paclitaxel injection market in Korea. This year the sales of Genexol®, which was developed and launched by Samyang Biopharmaceutical Corp. in 2001, increased by 52% as compared to the same period last year— total sales in 2018 reached 175 billion WON.


Genexol®PM which enabled a higher dosage injection also increased 34.9% from the previous year’s sales of 15 billion WON. Genexol®PM is a Samyang Biopharma’s Polymeric Micelle Technology anti-cancer product highlighted by its enhanced permeability and retention as well as safety.


Paclitaxel is a primary medication used to treat different types of cancer that include breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and NSCLC (non-small cell lung cancer).

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