Chemical R&D

Taking responsability for the future of the Chemical Group through research and development

Job characteristics and introduction

Nurturing next-generation growth through research and development
The Chemical R&D team performs the role of conducting research on new business opportunities and providing technical support to customers, while establishing the mission and vision of the Samyang Group. For new business opportunities, they are developing a variety of specialty polymers, active ingredients such as raw cosmetics materials through new novel monomer synthesis, and next-generation battery materials. At Tech Solution, they are conducting research and development of specialty products such as eco-friendly and hydrogen-related materials for bio/recycled plastics, strengthening the competitiveness of existing products, and developing photo-sensitive and insulating film materials in the display and semiconductor industries in collaboration with large domestic and oversea customers.

Required competencies

Chemistry/polymer knowledge
In order to predict the properties that need to be manifested and create a basis, basic knowledge of materials is necessary in R&D. To perform such tasks, a certain level of knowledge is required in various fields such as basic organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and polymer processing. One must understand the chemical mechanism of the process in which the product is made. With a basic understanding of chemistry/polymers as a foundation, one can have a competitive edge in the field and grow into a researcher who can achieve maximum effectiveness.
Communication Skills
The R&D role creates synergy through active and efficient communication. When problems arise, there may be shortcomings in solving them alone. To overcome this, it is important to listen to the diverse opinions of senior and junior colleagues and create solutions through passionate discussions, and to develop communication skills to do so. In addition, collaboration with various departments such as production, quality, marketing, and sales is important, and since multiple departments work together as one to proceed with projects, developing active communication skills and a listening attitude will make you a shining talent in the R&D field.

Job Interview

Researching and developing new business opportunities and providing technical support to our clients.

Q1 Please introduce this job and explain what tasks are mainly performed in the position.
I am currently conducting monomer organic synthesis in Fine Chemistry PG. The work process involves various tasks related to 'synthesis feasibility testing-process optimization-pilot testing-mass production technology transfer.' Additionally, as research members, we hold regular technical meetings to share opinions and broaden our background knowledge.
Q2 What are the competencies required to perform this job?
Organic synthesis work often requires interpreting experimental results and efficiently determining future directions based on them. Therefore, the ability to interpret data and identify problems is essential. In addition, you need to be able to operate instruments necessary for analyzing the structure of organic compounds. Furthermore, you need to have the ability to make decisions on how to solve problems when your experiments do not synthesize in the desired direction.
Q3 Please say a word to the juniors who will pursue their dreams in this job.
The major advantage of organic synthesis work is that it can be applied in various fields. With synthetic experience, you can make any material you want to develop. It is a tremendous motivation to be able to work while imagining the material you have developed being used in real life.
Q1 Please introduce this job and explain what tasks are mainly performed in the position.
We are a department researching environmentally friendly Polymer Compounds. We are conducting experiments to develop compound compositions using naturally derived materials that can overcome poor workability and detractive properties, and apply them to various application fields. Natural materials exhibit excellent effects in terms of biodegradability, environmental friendliness, and sustainability, but have limitations in replacing conventional materials. To overcome these problems, we analyze various papers and patents, and constantly strive to develop and apply applicable technologies.
Q2 What are the competencies required to perform this job?
To combine multiple materials into a single product, you will need to have a chemical understanding of each material's properties and knowledge of analytical instruments to verify them. In addition, familiarity with theories and experience related to injection and extrusion machines is essential for adapting quickly and demonstrating competency in the field. Recently, the ability to predict material properties in advance using simulation programs based on AI technology is also gaining attention as a valuable skill to reduce trial and error in experimentation. However, effective communication and collaboration are also crucial in research and development work. If you can communicate well with diverse individuals and demonstrate teamwork without difficulty, you can become an exceptional talent in the field.
Q3 Please say a word to the juniors who will pursue their dreams in this job.
I believe that research and development plays a role in connecting the present and the future. Seeing technologies that seem like they only exist in movies or in the future being prepared for commercialization in the present made me think that researchers can do this job well. In this process, there may be failures and trials, but I firmly believe that success will come to those who have perseverance and a sense of responsibility to fulfill their duties. You may be experiencing many difficulties as you prepare for degree acquisition and employment, but I hope you do not give up and continue to challenge yourself, thinking of those challenges as stepping stones towards success. I will always support you, thinking about the future where we can work together. Cheer up!
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Posted on March 28, 2023

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