Samyang, delivering extraordinary values in all parts of life

The symbols of quotation marks in Samyang’s CI are a friendly visualization of
how Samyang’s products and services are accessible in all moments and venues of life.

CI Logo

Logo Design Components

The CI logo is a simplified expression of Samyang’s identity. The CI logo shall be used in its original format, and it is prohibited to make changes to its design elements without consent. The design shall not be damaged or changed in any circumstance.


CI Format

Standard Center Line and Margin

The standard center line and margin are designed to make the CI logo legible and eye-catching.
When using the CI on different media, maintain the standard center line and margin to ensure that other elements or intricate patterns do not interfere with the CI.

  • Type A

    Minimum margin is available in the CI space (the width of the space is wider than the minimum margin). The center of the entire CI logo, including the dots, is the center line.

  • Type B

    If minimum margin is not available in the CI space (the width of the space is narrower than the minimum margin), maintain the same margin width on either side of the CI to ensure that it is centered correctly.

Prohibited Formats

As the CI logo is a key representation of Samyang’s identity, it is strictly required to use the standard format without damaging the original image. Changing elements such as shape, color or size arbitrarily may result in distorting or damaging Samyang’s identity. Please make sure that the CI logo is never altered without consent in any circumstance.

  • Do not use unauthorized fonts.
  • Do not change ratio.
  • Do not use outline.
  • Do not use Korean characters.
  • Do not use unauthorized colors.
  • Do not add unauthorized slogans.

Color System

Standard Colors

The colors (blue, red, green) used in the CI logo are the three primary colors of light that form our world. They represent Samyang’s commitment to establish a strong foundation that can be used to bring more abundance and convenience into our world.

  • Samyang Blue

    PANTONE 7689C C75 M22 Y8 R33 G157 B203

  • Samyang Green

    PANTONE 383C C30 Y100 K20 R156 G178 B39

  • Samyang Red

    PANTONE 485C M83 Y88 R240 G83 B51

Standard Colors

Check the color range of the logo for each background color and select the best colors that ensure a high level of legibility.

Standard Font

Samyang Font

Samyang font is made of hangul-friendly strokes that accommodate the natural stroke order. The clear distinction between the character and space makes it easy to read and gives off a young and sophisticated image. Curves were added to the straight lines of the Hangul Gothic font to make the font feel softer.

Download Samyang Font
※ Samyang font is available for everyone to use. ※ Prior approval is required to use it for commercial purposes.
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Posted on March 28, 2023

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