Food Bio R&D

Conducting product development and applied research to grow various businesses in the food group.

Job characteristics and introduction

Execution of strategies
Research positions are responsible for securing the technology to implement strategies through collaboration with business departments, developing products, analyzing rapidly changing external environments, and contemplating and preparing for the future. The Food Bio R&D group conducts enzyme technology research for the production of useful substances in the bio field, engineering research for commercializing bio-based specialty materials, and product development and applied research to grow/sustain various businesses (basic materials, food, H&W, and new business areas) promoted by the Samyang Group.

Required competencies

Knowledge/foundational competencies by research field
For strain and enzyme development, as well as basic competencies and applied technical skills related to food-centered materials, are required. Additionally, having an understanding of and competency in designing and understanding production processes for commercialization and on-site production will be beneficial.
Global/digital competencies
Having global competencies, including language proficiency, as well as digital utilization competencies will be helpful for job performance.

Job Interview

Providing a total solution that develops and supplies products optimized for the needs of corporate customers.

Samyang Corp. Solution Center, Assistant Manager

Q1 Please introduce this job and explain what tasks are mainly performed in the position.
The Solution Center is staffed by researchers who specialize in various fields from basic materials such as starch, flour, and premix to food ingredients such as sauces, meat processing, and frozen dough. We provide a total solution by developing Spec-in products that are optimized for corporate customers' needs. In addition, we also research and develop consumer products such as homemade mixes and refreshing drinks in line with market trends. Among them, I am working on the development of frozen dough. My main job is to develop general-purpose products that can be delivered through various channels to cafes, hotels, catering, and bakeries, as well as to develop Spec-in products requested by specific companies. To improve product quality and keep up with market trends, I conduct various research on exploring and applying new materials in different ways.
Q2 What are the competencies required to perform this job?
Since we are involved in research and development in the food industry, I believe that having a good understanding and expertise in food-related knowledge, ranging from basic theories to applied concepts, is essential. In addition, the ability to use equipment to analyze the characteristics and stability of raw materials and products, as well as the sense to understand and meet the development needs of customers, is also necessary. R&D staff members do not just conduct research here; We need to communicate with many teams such as production, marketing, quality control, and sales to release the product. Effective communication and sociability are also required to efficiently perform their duties. Furthermore, as technology is rapidly advancing, food trends are also changing rapidly. Therefore, creativity and curiosity to explore ways to apply new technologies and materials may become important competencies.
Q3 Please say a word to the juniors who will pursue their dreams in this job.
If you are considering a job in R&D, it would be good to focus on developing expertise in a particular field through research, but also expanding your knowledge by exploring different areas and learning to use various equipment. Conducting many experiments can help you develop exploratory and analytical thinking skills. Although getting a job has become more challenging these days, don't be anxious about being slower than others and try to gain more experience to enhance your qualifications. Remember that there are suitable positions for everyone, and more opportunities will come your way, so prepare well and seize those opportunities for good results.

Job Vlog

Samyang Group R&D position | Samyang Food Bio R&D

Experience vivid job stories from researchers at Samyang Food Bio R&D

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Posted on March 28, 2023

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