General Affairs

Efficiently make contracts with vendors by identifying the needs of employees.

Job characteristics and introduction

In-house asset management and employee welfare support
The role of general affairs is to maximize the value of company assets such as real estate, buildings and facilities, and vehicles through management, and to provide support for employee welfare and benefits. Specifically, it includes managing real estate assets, lease contracts, company-owned buildings, facilities, rental vehicles, company-owned vehicles, and managing related regulations. In addition, we also support our employees to create a more pleasant work life by managing our in-house cafeteria and daycare center, among others. By doing so, we provide a working environment where employees can improve their welfare and focus on their tasks. Also, we create value not only within the company but also in society as a whole by carrying out social contribution activities.

Required competencies

Knowledge of relevant laws
The most frequent task in performing the general affairs job is related to contracts. In particular, the contract amounts related to real estate, facility equipment, and vehicles are quite substantial. The contents of the contract may have a long-term impact on the company and its employees. To carry out these contracts well, knowledge and understanding of related laws such as civil law, commercial law, tax law, and real estate law are required. In addition, when collaborating with suppliers in this regard, related legal knowledge such as labor law and dispatch law is required.
Communication Competence
General affairs work internally to meet the needs of executives and employees and to maximize the value of assets. To do this, communication with executives and employees and signing contracts with outside companies occur frequently. Communication skills help to better understand the needs of the employees and effectively sign and manage contracts with our businesses.

Job Interview

Creating value through efficient in-house asset management and welfare planning.

Samyang Corp. Shared Growth Team, Staff

Q1 Please introduce this job and explain what tasks are mainly performed in the position.
The job of general affairs is to create value through efficient in-house asset management and welfare planning. Detailed areas include real estate, office buildings and facilities, vehicles, cafeterias, daycare centers, and social contributions. I mainly contribute to the efficient management activities of executives and employees by managing rental vehicles and hiring executives (dispatched workers). In the case of rental vehicle management, we perform short- and long-term contract management, respond in the event of an accident, and vehicle regulation management for many vehicles. In addition, when the comprehensive contract with the rental car company expires, a bid will be made to select the most suitable rental car company.
Q2 What are the competencies required to perform this job?
Since a job in general affairs has a lot of contract-related tasks, it is helpful to perform these tasks if you have legal knowledge. In addition, due to the nature of the business, there are collaborative works with partner companies, so legal knowledge related to this is also required. In my case, I am not a person who majored in law, but the experience of taking civil law and labor law lectures was helpful. In particular, civil law is helpful for studying basic knowledge of other laws or signing contracts, and labor law are also helpful for understanding the worker dispatching laws and related systems. In particular, as industrial safety and health laws, real estate-related laws, tax laws, and labor laws are becoming more complicated and strengthened recently, legal knowledge will be needed more in general affairs.
Q3 Please say a word to the juniors who will pursue their dreams in this job.
General affairs jobs are jobs that affect the entire company. As such, the range of people to communicate with is also wide. Communicating with the outside as well as internal employees is one of the main tasks. It is a job that requires talented people who experience communication with various people and think about how to communicate efficiently and try to develop better methods. In addition, there are various asset types and various regulations accordingly, so an attitude of interest is always needed in this regard. It would be better if you could grow into a talent who sometimes asks seniors, sometimes acquires knowledge on your own, and applies it to your work.
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Posted on March 28, 2023

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