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Job characteristics and introduction

Job-based HR
Since 2002, Samyang has been introducing and operating a job-based HR system, which is the same as that of global companies. We have implemented a job grade system, conduct annual job evaluations, and perform tasks based on job descriptions. The main responsibilities of HR include personnel planning, HR management, talent development, recruitment, labor management, and compensation management. It will be an excellent opportunity for those who want to grow as HR professionals.

Required competencies

Understanding of personnel/labor/organizational management
Having knowledge of labor law such as the Labor Standards Act and a general understanding of the personnel system, including recruitment, evaluation, compensation, education and promotion, is a plus. Furthermore, if you have an understanding of the job and an interest and understanding of domestic and international HR trends, you are already a prepared HR practitioner.
Communication Competence
Due to the nature of HR work, frequent communication with management, employees, and external job applicants is required The ability to logically explain and persuade one's own thoughts and to reconcile various conflicts is required.

Job Interview

Placing employees in appropriate positions to maximize their potential and capabilities.

Samyang Holdings HRM team, Staff

Q1 Please introduce this job and explain what tasks are mainly performed in the position.
HR work can broadly be divided into personnel planning, personnel management, and training. In detail, it can be divided into recruitment, personnel management, evaluation, compensation, labor management and education, and so on. The main task I perform is personnel management. The representative tasks in personnel operations are job management and personnel management. In other words, you can think of it as a job to place employees in the right positions to maximize their potential.
Q2 What are the competencies required to perform this job?
In addition to expertise in personnel-related knowledge, one of the most critical aspects of HR work is labor risk management. Therefore, I believe that knowledge of labor-related laws is also important in managing labor risks. In addition to professional learning, I believe that communication skills are also necessary for the job as it requires communication with various employees.
Q3 Please say a word to the juniors who will pursue their dreams in this job.
I would like to emphasize that a sense of responsibility to complete a given task and a willingness to continuously learn and grow are important qualities of any job, regardless of the specific role. I would appreciate working with a new employee who possesses two key traits. Good luck to all of you who dream of working in HR!
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Posted on March 28, 2023

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