Procuring everything necessary for production from our cooperative.

Job characteristics and introduction

Perform fair and transparent supply chain management (SCM)
The purchasing department is responsible for performing the SCM process of procuring raw materials and packaging materials that are used in the production of our company's products, as well as the materials, packaging materials, equipment and construction materials required for the addition of new facilities, from our cooperative companies. This department handles tasks such as selecting the cooperative companies, determining unit prices, and performing post-management of the cooperative companies while considering Quality, Cost, and Delivery for the purchased items. In addition, it is crucial to purchase at the appropriate time, quantity, and price for the production of the business site. To do so, sufficient prior knowledge and related cooperative company information is managed for the raw materials, equipment, and construction materials requested for purchase. Furthermore, through collecting and analyzing market information, establishing purchasing plans and strategies, and improving the purchasing process, purchasing department supports the group's continuous growth.

Required competencies

Negotiation Capability
Purchasing is promoted through mutual negotiations on QCD issues based on mutual trust with partners, so negotiation skills are the most important competency for a person in charge of purchasing, and negotiation skills must be accompanied by information acquisition, analytical skills, and insight.
Communication Skills
Purchasing requires procurement of raw materials, packaging materials, facility equipment, construction, etc. requested by the business site in high quality, low price, and by the optimal delivery date, so it is essential to coordinate opinions through communication with the business partners and related internal departments. Smooth communication will be of great help for mutual growth with cooperative companies and internal departments.
Global Competence
As the proportion of direct overseas imports increases for cost savings in purchased products, methods of communicating with foreign cooperative companies are becoming more diverse. Improving language proficiency and re-establishing a global mindset will be of great help in import purchasing tasks.

Job Interview

Determining prices with suppliers to ensure timely supply of materials of the required quality in the factory.

Samyang Holdings Integrated Purchasing , Manager

Q1 Please introduce this job and explain what tasks are mainly performed in the position.
I am responsible for purchasing raw materials and equipment for the group's integrated purchasing department. The main tasks are selecting suppliers for raw materials, equipment and construction requested by the production site, and determining prices through negotiations with these suppliers. The purchasing task for raw materials and equipment is to select suppliers and determine prices to ensure a timely supply of required quality products of raw materials and equipment necessary for the production and operation of the factory. The procurement work for construction can be broadly divided into purchasing for the construction of large buildings such as plants or factories and purchasing for repair work on existing buildings or facilities. We are selecting vendors to ensure that the requested materials and equipment for such purchasing requests are delivered at a reasonable price, with the desired quality, and at the appropriate time for the completion of the construction project. After selecting the suppliers, we also handle the import process such as insurance and customs clearance for imported goods. We also manage payment to suppliers for the delivered raw materials and equipment while checking the completion of construction projects.
Q2 What are the competencies required to perform this job?
It is practically difficult for Samyang Group to have the technical knowledge to meet all the requests for various types of raw materials, equipment, and construction because it has multiple businesses. However, if you have a background in engineering, it would be relatively easy to understand various types of materials and equipment related to chemistry, biochemistry, food, as well as construction and machinery. To achieve efficient procurement, it is important to use various purchasing strategies depending on the type of item, so it is important to understand industry trends and can think strategically. Effective communication skills are crucial in purchasing, as it involves a clear understanding of our requirements to the suppliers and negotiation of prices through communication.
Q3 Please say a word to the juniors who will pursue their dreams in this job.
I think that purchasing is the starting point among various value chains. Procurement work is a great job because it allows you to understand all the industries within the group while working, and you can meet various stakeholders. There are many opportunities to broaden insights through market trend analysis and ongoing information exchange with partner companies. Purchasing tasks are often influenced by changes in the corporate environment, as well as external and internal environments, and efficient purchasing can turn crises into opportunities. We hope to attract talented individuals who have the pride of knowing that their abilities and decisions can have a significant impact on the group, and who can continue to develop the appropriate skills.
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Posted on March 28, 2023

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