Strategic Planning

Managing our business to achieve maximum performance through the operation of management systems.

Job characteristics and introduction

Optimization of portfolio
We manage to achieve maximum business performance through the operation of a management system that involves establishing short and long-term goals and strategies to achieve them. These are related to existing businesses, supporting project execution, checking progress and evaluating achievements through processes such as ‘Plan’, ‘Do’, and ‘See’. Furthermore, in addition to existing businesses, we continuously explore business expansion opportunities in related/unrelated industries and establish and execute organic/inorganic growth strategies. Lastly, we perform innovation activities such as digital transformation and ESG management to ensure the company's continuous growth.

Required competencies

Capability for performance management
When it comes to performance management in existing businesses, possessing an understanding and insight into the business and industry, planning and execution capabilities to put plans into action, communication skills with related departments, and basic accounting knowledge for performance management are required.
Business Strategy Establishment Capability
In terms of developing and executing new business strategies, the following global competencies are required: MI and networking skills to sensitively detect industry/market information and identify implications, overseas market understanding/language skills, and so on. Having a basic knowledge of the M&A process, valuation, contracts, legal and tax matters would also help carry out strategic planning.
Innovation activity
Finally, in terms of innovation activities, the most important aspect is having an innovative mindset that tries to improve/innovate based on an awareness of problems with existing methods. Additionally, having basic knowledge and interest in IT/environment/climate change/recycling/safety and health-related issues would support these efforts.

Job Interview

Continuously explore business expansion for diverse opportunities and establish and execute growth strategies.

Samyang Holdings Planning Team, Head of Department

Q1 Please introduce this job and explain what tasks are mainly performed in the position.
Strategic planning work can be divided into an existing business, a new business, and ESG tasks. The existing business performs its tasks through the management process of 'Plan-Do-See' which stands for planning, executing, and evaluating. We provide guidelines for establishing business unit-level management plans (goals) and check whether the implementation tasks for achieving the goals are progressing as planned. When issues arise within the business units, we identify them and propose alternatives. Operates meetings to support management decision-making and perform group investment plan formulation and evaluation. Through performance evaluations of each business unit, support is provided to motivate the achievement of goals and identify improvement areas to be reflected in next year's management plan and execution tasks. For new businesses, we continuously discover business expansion opportunities for related and unrelated businesses to diversify our business and establish and execute organic (natural growth) and inorganic (M&A, etc.) growth strategies. Perform ESG, digital transformation, and innovation activities for sustainable growth.
Q2 What are the competencies required to perform this job?
To perform tasks related to our existing business, understanding and insight into the business/industry are required, as well as an ability to plan to guide the business unit by creating a framework, and IT capabilities (ERP, MS Office) and accounting knowledge to conduct business unit performance analysis and evaluation. To perform tasks related to new businesses, global capabilities such as market and industry sensitivity to detect and find insights, MI (Market Intelligence) and networking skills, and an understanding of overseas settings and language proficiency are required. Basic competencies such as the M&A process, valuation, contract, legal, and tax are also necessary skills. In addition, to perform innovation tasks for sustainable growth, it is necessary to have an innovative mindset that attempts to improve/change and IT/environment/climate change/recycling/safety health-related basic knowledge and interests are also required.
Q3 Please say a word to the juniors who will pursue their dreams in this job.
Welcome to you all who will be performing Samyang's strategic and planning tasks in the future. I think that the juniors who have chosen a role in strategic planning have sowed good seeds to grow into planning experts in the field of the Samyang Group. Through performing your duties, I believe that you will be able to gain various experiences and upgrade your skills in business understanding, accounting knowledge, M&A processes, environment, and safety and health. If you do so, I believe that you will be recognized as a planning expert in Samyang. Sincerely hope and support the challenges and growth of our juniors.
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Posted on March 28, 2023

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