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Meet us in the metaverse.

Samyang created the virtual Samyang World on the metaverse platform ZEP to provide information on our business areas and communicate with our employees and customers.

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Virtual island with replicas of Samyang Group’s actual company buildings

Samyang World takes on the form of multiple islands with roads connecting Samyang Group’s headquarters in Jongno, Discovery Center in Pangyo, and other businesses. Visitors can travel between them by foot or on a tram.

The main island houses Samyang’s Jongno headquarters and Pangyo Discovery Center, which look exactly like the buildings in real life. The main island is surrounded by smaller islands of Samyang’s chemical, food, biopharmaceutical, packaging and other businesses. The PR Centers on each island provide objects that show PR materials and videos of their respective business area.

In the auditorium of the headquarters on the main island, there is a history hall where visitors can experience Samyang Group’s heritage, while the Discovery Center offers various spaces, such as the OX Quiz Hall, which can be used for in-house and public events, online townhall meetings and training, and serves as a channel of communication with the employees.

  • 1


  • 2

    Discovery Center

  • 3

    Chemical Group Booth

  • 4

    Food Group Booth

  • 5

    Pharmaceutical Group Booth

  • 6

    Packaging Group Booth

  • 7

    SYDS and Cosmetics Booth

How to Use

Freely explore Samyang World

Create your avatar to explore Samyang World. You can visit any place by moving your avatar around as you wish. Turn on your video and microphone to communicate with other visitors.

Change avatar and nickname

  • 1

    Click on the face icon on the upper right corner to open profile settings.

  • 2

    Click “Decorate avatar.”

  • 3

    Change the name, status, and appearance of your avatar.

How to move and express mood

  • Move
    Move your avatar with the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • Jump
    Press the spacebar to jump.
  • Interact
    Click ”F” to in front of an object to interact.
  • Express mood
    Click the number keys from 0 to 5 to express your mood.
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Posted on March 28, 2023

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